Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Always a Bridesmaid....

It amazes me how quickly God answers prayer. In the throws of the new year, this past week I was bombarded with two similar encounters from some very dear friends. As you can guess, they got engaged over the holidays and are now planning spring and fall weddings before the year is out. I couldn't help but feel joy and excitement as their faces glowed in anticipation of the hustle and bustle that wedding preparations bring. They're in L-O-V-E...who knew that this one little word could change the countenance of a woman. Although I'm excited for them, the green-eyed monster is starting to rise up in me. Their "Adam/Boaz" has finally found them and claimed them for eternity. What's a single girl to do in times like these when your former running buddies have found permanent life partners? Oh the agony of it all-the countless showers and gifts, not to mention those infamous bridesmaids dresses that you'll only wear once. What exactly is a bridesmaid anyway? I know, I have issues, pray for me.

My attention is never focused on being single until someone close to me has been blessed to change their marital status. Only God and time will tell how our lives end up and with whom. Not to worry, someday my prince will come. I'll just have to hurry up and wait.