Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Secret Pal Revealed!

After all this time of receiving such wonderful gifts, I finally have an opportunity to formally thank my secret pal Lynette. Thank you so much for making my first secret pal exchange so awesome! My final package arrived a few weeks back (sorry for the delay in posting) and includes one hank of 100% wool (Lynette personally hand spun herself) for my first hand dyeing project--bring on the Kool Aid and Food Paste, 4 skeins of novelty yarn by Sasha Knitting Yarn in Fuschia, a huge Red Heart "pounder" skein in my favorite color purple (thanks, I can continue to display my "ghetto knitter" button with pride), 2 Sharffen Berger chocolate bars in Bittersweet and Extra Dark--yum (on a personal note, these didn't last very long after the photo was taken-delicious!), and Adagio's Valentine's loose leaf tea--the taste of chocolate covered strawberries in liquid form--we are friends for life now! You'll never get rid of me. I can't say it enough, thank you so much!

My SP7 spoilee was Amy. She is a serious sock knitter, which made my job easy. I had a great time sending her gifts and reading posts on her blog. She's made it one of her goals this year to complete a new book every week, and still knit too! And with all her goodies, I know she will live to knit socks another day! ;-)