Sunday, February 19, 2006

A Rose by Any Other Name...

My Fort Worth Knitting Meetup Thursday night flourished into a rosebud producing training class.

Paula, a fellow knitter turned instructor, is one of the most talented knitters I've come to know. The combinations of colors and textures she comprises are inspiring. She created a knitted hat and mittens set that had all these wonderful embellishments which included one of these handmade rose ribbons. It's amazing what you can do with a little wire ribbon, felt, and needle and thread.

The women in this group all have some skills that can bring out the creative genious in any knitter at any skill level. I walk away learning a little more about them and a little more about myself as well. I guess knitting is just one of those things that's a common thread that generates a common connection for us all.
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Possible Knitting Olympics Drop Out

Here is where I am with my knitting olympics project. I waited until the last minute to order my yarn and completely missed the opening ceremonies and cast on. My intentions were good but not good enough.

Of course, I've never been one to give up easily so I'll attempt to get this on the needles before the end of the week. I may not win the race, but I refuse to be a bench warmer and never get in the game.
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Stash Flash

Repeat after me, "you can never have too much yarn."

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Knitting Goodies

I only wanted to buy one thing...honest. I had no intention of coming home with such a treasure chest, but I couldn't resist.

The new knit.1, Knit It, and Vogue Knitting preview some very interesting patterns. Barnes & Nobles had Chick Knits and Posh Pooches (the kit includes a set of bamboo knitting needles with dogs on the end) on sale. Knit Along with Debbie Macomber, Knitted Throws, and scarfSTYLE each have projects that I can't wait to work on my new Boye Needle Master set. The Moda Dea Sassy Stripes sock yarn, bamboo/aluminum DPNs will serve a great purpose when I attempt to make my first pair of socks.

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Dishcloths...Deep in the Heart of Texas

My Lone Star State Knitters group is participating in a project where everyone was asked to knit 3 squares, which form the shape of Texas, from any color in Bernat Cotton Tots and mail to 3 members who are expecting newborns. The finished squares will be sewn together to create baby afghans.

This was my very first dishcloth taken from one of many patterns at Knitting Knonsense. I chose to knit mine in Cotton Tots Confetti. You can't tell from the photos, but the yarn is white with subtle hints of pastel pink, blue, yellow, and green. It knit up so quickly.

Knitting dishcloths has never once crossed my mind until this little project began. The pattern was fun and simple and I'll most likely knit up a set to match my kitchen decor.

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Superbowl Knitting

This post is a tad bit late, but here's where I am on a couple of UFO's. The Irish Hiking Scarf and Besotted Scarf gave me plenty to do during the Superbowl (I only took breaks in between to watch the commercials).

I decided to do a C6B/C6F/C6B knit pattern this time to give the Irish Hiking Scarf a bit of variation. The Caron Simply Soft in Autumn Red is coming out great. I can't wait to knit a matching hat and wrist warmers. Not sure which lucky person will be the recipient of this yet, I just love working cables.

The Besotted scarf takes a bit more focus and attention but it's coming along slowly but surely. Posted by Picasa

Pooch Faux Fur Coat

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Pooch Polka Dots

Happy Belated Valentine's Day Everyone!

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Pooch Couture

As the weather outside is frightful, I drove to my local PetsMart and came across the cutest outfits for my one and only canine baby. The faux suede/fur pink jacket and polka dot sweater and hat set were on clearance. I couldn't pass them up.

I also came across the Hollywood Dog magazine. It has a lot of cute (and very expensive) pet products and articles on the glamour dogs of entertainments elite artists. If you're up for some fun and mindless reading, check it out. Posted by Picasa


I've been missing in action for a while. Life got in the way of posting updates and photos. But rest assured plenty of photos will be forthcomng. The weather in Texas is a bit chilly this weekend with a little rain and sleet mixed in so there's plenty to keep me busy inside.